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Gaia Workshop 13 Oct 2021, 16:30 – 19:30

From the cyber to the physical: a multi-scale mapping of the Internet infrastructure and services

Location: Oslo, Norway (Virtual Event) 

The Center for Resilient Networks and Applications (CRNA) at Simula Metropolitan is organizing a workshop on multi-scale mapping of Internet infrastructure and services. The discussions and presentations are centered around the physical mapping of the Internet routes, geolocation of micro-services  and various topological vulnerabilities.  

Time: 16:30 – 19:30 CEST


Opening remarks

Session 1: Measurement and Policy

Georgios Smaragdakis (TU Delft), A Year in Lockdown: How the Waves of COVID-19 Impact Internet Traffic

Romain Fontugne (IIJ Research Lab), Impact of geopolitical changes in the Internet

Ben Du (CAIDA), IRR Hygiene in the RPKI Era

Panel discussion – Moderator Ioana Livadariu (SimulaMet)

Session 2: Measurements and security

Kc claffy (CAIDA/UC San Diego), Designing a global measurement infrastructure to improve Internet security

Emile Aben (RIPE NCC), RIPE Atlas minRTT dataset and map

Ioana Livadariu (SimulaMet), Inferring undersea cable links in traceroute data

Panel discussion – Moderator Ahmed Elmokashfi (SimulaMet)

Session 3: Security and vulnerabilities

Cristel Pelsser (University of Strasbourg), Detecting forwarding detours

Maksim Kitsak (Delft University of Technology), Shortest Path Finding in incomplete networks: BGP Security

Aamir Gulistan (SimulaMet), Detecting physical impacts and movements of optical fibre cables

Stephen Strowes (Fastly), IPv6 Address Assignment Practices in Domestic ISPs

Mattijs Jonker (University of Twente), Investigating the Impact of DDoS Attacks on DNS Operation

Panel discussion – Moderator Haakon Bryhni (SimulaMet)


Closing remarks



Just send an e-mail to Ioana Livadariu or Ahmed Elmokashfi to attend the workshop for free via Zoom!